We enter this unlikely Eden riding shotgun with fresh juvenile State Trooper Sam Neely,Jordan 4 Fire Red 2012, parked surrounded the yard of an relinquished country schoolhouse. City slicker Sam,Jordan 4 Varsity Red 2012,just out of officer's educate namely surrounded despair over his new assignment and hungers for the excitement of a metropolis posting. Little does he know the town of Eden, USA has plenitude of excitement bubbling under its idyllic prettiness.

Enter the town banker, Ed Harris,http://www.jordan4firerednew.com/, his adulterous wife Anne and his soon-to-be sometime best friend Hayden, town Prosecuting Attorney. After finding his wife and best friend sleeping together an afternoon Ed finds a solution apt the problem that sets the town tongues wagging. Soon Trooper Neely is tugged into the disorder onward the town busybodies, gets laughed at onward the town decide and meets the town's biggest bigot and bully - Sheriff's Deputy Delmar Clay.

Soon embroiled within the townspeople's dramas and antagonistic loyalties,Jordan 4 For Sale, Trooper Neely finds Crystal and Diaond Ice while retarding out an of many complaints - dual beauties who ease his motif nearly his fateful posting surrounded Eden. With competition for Crystal and Diamond's admiration coming from the unlikely area of a fat regional science fiction founder and the town mechanic, Trooper Neely have to study the ways of small town police work and small town courtship hasty alternatively lose his current love's admiration.

Unlikely friendships are formed, drunks and busybodies ascertain redemption within admire and friendship, tongues swing over the lawyer with "two wives"high school romance approximately dies among the flames of blackmail and the town's new preacher - a solo mama and sometime drunkard - gives sound advice and a listening ear throughout to the townfolk. The Garden of Eden attempts a uncommon glimpse into the value of allegiance,respect friendship and second chances.

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