class="dynamic">Touch Points When we come amid adjoin with the earth we "touch" the world Touch points are where we acquaint adjoin Thomas Frey,Jordan 4 For Sale,author of the DaVinci Institute,Jordan 4 Varsity Red 2012, states namely physical touch points are the shoes we walk inthe mattress we nap inthe chairs we sit in We "touch" the globe through the above. How do we touch the earth in which we live within pedagogy? The Classroom The accepted touch point within education namely a educate We feel we are studying whether we are within a teach While highest educators will state namely studying takes district within a classroom, other plays likewise enhance learning: homeworkreading assignmentswriting papersClassroom Problems While it namely an accepted fact namely learning takes zone surrounded a classroom in a educate there are some problems with this. The educator controlling the classroom likewise namely among dictate of the duration while studying takes placethe students who aspiration participatethe lightingthe soundsthe media usedthe toolsthe pacethe subject matterthe results Frey believes namely the classroom is never necessity for studying Learning takes space while we awake within the morning We even persist apt study meantime sleeping. Learning namely affair every minute of the day. Learning tools include: Read on Confidence Based Learning Paradigm Shift among Learning Education Roadblocks and Gaps computerselectronic newspapersvideo magazineshandheld televisionscell phonesMP3 playersvideo gamesartwork 相关的主题文章:
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